Home Sale Price Increase after Installing a Solar System?

Home Sale Price Increase after Installing a Solar System?


American Homeowners Must Read: Think Twice Before Installing Solar Panels 

Whether you're looking to save on electricity usage, or just simply want to lower your electricity bill, the thought of installing solar panels on your home's roof may have flashed through your mind. Not every home will get the maximum benefit from solar panels, and you should think twice before installing them.

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According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, as of early 2016, more than one million homes across the U.S. had solar panels on their roofs, a low but growing percentage.

Homes may benefit from the installation of a solar panel system (or photovoltaic system), and this can even be included as a consideration when looking for a home to purchase.Zillow partnered with Sun Number, a solar data and information company, to evaluate the benefits of using solar power in a home, and found that not every home will get the most out of solar panels, and that it may not be appropriate for every household to spend the money on installing solar panels.

If you're thinking of buying a house, should the benefits of installing solar panels on your house be a necessary consideration? Consider the following key points:

The first is the return on investment. The data shows that the selling price of homes increased when solar systems were installed. In terms of upscale homes, the price of a home with a solar system installed in the Gulf Coast area of Florida increased by 6.39%, in the Baltimore Metro area, homes with solar panels cost an average of 2.52% more, and the Portland, Oregon area increased by 3.25%. Many people believe that having solar panels on their homes saves them money on their electric bills, so the price of homes with solar panels increases.

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The second thought focuses on the cost of installation. According to a survey by Sunrun, a residential solar company, the cost of installing solar panels on a roof can be as high as $30,000, and there's no guarantee that the addition of solar panels will drive up the selling price of a home; the panels will diminish in value as they're used.

The third point is that you may be prioritizing other things before installing solar panels. There are so many factors to consider when buying a home, think about it, is access to transportation to and from work, a good or bad school district, and the structure and type of the home itself more important than the suitability of installing solar panels?

Fourthly, it is important to do a lot of research and get the right knowledge. If you are about to buy a house and you are interested in solar panels, it is important to find out the details, such as how old is your roof? What will the electrical service be like after installing solar panels? You should also be fully aware of the ownership of solar panel systems in your area, in some places the panels are leased by the homeowner to the county, in other cases the solar system is wholly owned by the homeowner or financed by a lender, in short, there are a lot of details to know.

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