Quinbrook launches 10 GWh battery after signing supply agreement with Ningde Times

Quinbrook launches 10 GWh battery after signing supply agreement with Ningde Times


Australian renewable energy investor and developer Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has signed a global framework agreement 

with China's Ningde Times New Energy Technology Company Limited (CATL), which is looking to fully capitalize on the rapidly gr-

owing demand for large-scale renewable energy supply projects with large-scale energy storage solutions.

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The long-term partnership is designed to optimize energy storage solutions for Quinbrook's large-scale renewable energy infrastr-

ucture projects, particularly in Australia, the U.S. and the U.K., which currently have a portfolio of more than 50 GW, the parties said. 

This includes the Sun Cable solar power and storage project in northern Australia, developed by Quinbrook and consortium partner 

Grok Ventures.

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Quinbrook said it plans to explore the feasibility of using Ningde Times' 8-hour and 16-hour discharge storage solutions for the 

Sun Cable project, which is expected to generate up to 20 GW of solar power and 42 GWh of storage battery capacity.

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Brian Restall, managing director of Quinbrook Australia and co-chairman of the company's Global Sourcing Committee, said the c-

ompany and NDT have long had a partnership based on which the current round of supply agreements were signed, including the 

deployment of NDT's battery systems at its Gemini solar power generation and energy storage project in the United States.

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"Quinbrook has a long history of working closely with Ningde Times," he said, "and we have been impressed with the quality of 

Ningde Times' technology ...... as well as their strong product supply chain and the company's investment in research and devel-

opment. We look forward to continuing our partnership. We look forward to continuing our partnership and evaluating the via-

bility of Ningdeye's ultra-long duration storage solutions."

Image credit: Ningde Times

Ningde Times will first supply Quinbrook with its EnerC Plus containerized liquid-cooled battery system, and the two companies 
have revealed that they have evaluated more than 1 GWh of projects in Australia and the UK. Ningde Times, which produces 37% 
of the world's electric vehicle batteries and 43.4% of its energy storage batteries in 2022, has already been involved in a number 
of battery storage projects in Australia, including supplying battery components for AGL's 250 MW/250 MWh energy storage s-
ystem on Torrens Island, South Australia. The company has also been awarded contracts to supply battery components for a 500 
MW/2,000 MWh large-scale battery in Collie, Western Australia, and a 200 MW/800 MWh expansion system for the nearby Kwi-
nana Battery.

Source : www.pv-magazine.com

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